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Press release 23 October 2018

Ende Gelände starts setting up the camp ++ No court decision on location of protest camp yet ++ Thousands expected to block coal infrastructure

Kerpen-Buir, 23 October 2018. Today the “Ende Gelände alliance” began setting up the protest camp for several thousand participants, who are expected to arrive during the course of the week. Up to today no decision of the administrative court Aachen was available about the location of the camp. It waits for a statement of the police. Originally the organizers had planned more than a week for setting up the camp. Now the construction work had to start for logistical reasons – without a court decision.

“We will no longer put up with the stalling tactics of the police. Thousands of people will travel to our action, they need a camp. We have therefore started to set up the necessary infrastructure,” says Karolina Drzewo, press spokeswoman at Ende Gelände. The organizers constructed the first sanitary facilities, large assembly tents and mobile kitchens. The delivery of the material had been planned for months and could not be postponed. For tactical reasons, the alliance is still unable to provide information on the exact camp site.

“We have to make sure that the camp is structured and that thousands of people don’t pitch their tents somewhere. We have been negotiating with the police for weeks. We regret that they did not respond to our suggestions and look forward to getting justice in court afterwards,” says Karolina Drzewo.

Last week the Aachen police ordered that the camp should take place in Jülich-Mersch about 30 kilometres from the Hambach forest. The remote gravel area is completely unsuitable for the camp from Ende Gelände. It is fenced with warning signs “Hochspannung – Lebensgefahr” and cannot be reached by public transport. According to the so-called “Brokdorf ruling” of the Federal Constitutional Court, an assemblyg must be able to take place near its political reference point. Ende Gelände therefore argues in court for areas in Niederzier, near the Hambach forest.

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