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Jobs @ Ende Gelände

Dear Ende Gelände comrades and interested people,

Our action at the end of October is getting closer – in one month we will see each other in the Rhineland! The working groups are working at full speed, people are mobilizing diligently everywhere so far – but for the campaign to succeed, support is urgently needed. Therefore here is a whole series of ‘job offers’. If you can imagine to take over one or more of them please contact helfen@ende-gelaende.org – and spread the word! Please write in your mail which job you would like to do, from when until when you could help and if you would like to join the action (or help during the action).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Ende Gelände action logistics and camp crew

People to set up and dismantle the camp

We want to have a camp – and of course this has to be set up and dismantled. If you want to learn how to set up or dismantle big tents and compost toilets, you are at the right place! In order to have everything ready when the activists arrive, the set up works start on Sunday, 21 October and for the dismantling we plan until at least Wednesday, 1 November!

Picket supervisor

No Ende Gelände action takes place without pickets – and no picket without people taking over picket shifts! These registered meetings enable us to have safe places where we can rest, take care and reorientate ourselves. The shifts will last about 3h-4h and will be taken over by at least 2 people.

Chairwo*man for meetings

If you feel like taking care of pickets, consider whether you could also imagine taking over the formal administration of the meeting. This means that you have to act with your clear name in contact with the regulatory agency and the police if necessary. For all interested people there is of course more detailed information and an introduction.


Whether people or material – before, during and after the action, a lot has to be transported from A to B. Drivers are always on the move as a tandem. If you can imagine taking on shifts as a driver, please also write about your driver’s license class.

Material Issuer

Thousands of white suits, dust masks, democracy protection foils – before the action the well-known End Gelände equipment must be distributed to the activists. This requires people to take care of the material distribution at the camp in shifts.