Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

Getting There

Plan your journey now!

The countdown to prevent the destruction of the Hambacher Forest is running. After two successful actions with Limity Jsme My in Czech Republic and with Code Rood in the Netherlands, Ende Gelände returns to the Rhineland for the 4th time.

The action will take place from Thursday the 25th to Monday the 29th of October in the Rhineland. The nearest train / bus station will be Düren.

The best option: You should plan to arrive on Thursday during the day and your travel home should ideally be on Monday. It is also possible to come on Friday and leave Sunday evening, but we need all the time we can to prepare us for the action and evaluate it afterwards. You should also think about with whom you want to come to the action (What is an Affinity Group?) and how we get the action.

Where to sleep

We are going to have a Camp –  98% guaranty! 😉

The exact location of the camp will be announced shortly before its set-up. Good to know for the time being: the nearest train / bus station will be Düren (destination for ticket booking).

If you don’t feel well with sleeping in a tent, please make use of our accommodation plattform!

Travel by bus and Special Train

You can find information, including a map, about organized busses and the special train from Prague here.

Travel by train

If you plan to come by a (regular) train you can book your ticket to Cologne (arriving on Thursday ). From there it is possible to use the public transportation system to get to the camp as well.

Travel by bike

Traveling by bike is not only a carbon neutral way of transportation but something we can use during the action. If you are not to far away from the region or you want to make a nice tour with some friends to the Rhineland – you will be celebrated!

‘Time to Cycle’, a group from the UK is joining us already. Another one from Austria as well! Check on the map for more information.

So in general: Please try to bring your bike! The action area is vast!

Travel by car

You can also come with a car, but we will most likely only have a limited number of parking spots available at the camp.

If you come by car and you still have some space you can use our liftshare as well to find other people to join you or find a ride yourself.

What to bring

Informations about what to bring you can find in our Packing List.