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 20.10.20108: we won’t camp at Jülich!

Sorry, no english Pressrelease yet, german only: german Pressemitteilung from Saturday, 20th. Oct.!

23rd Oct. 10:58
1st Station for you will be still at the HambiCamp very close to Manheim!
[More informations about the “HambiCamp”…]

An outline for October:

It would be great if you could arrive on the 25th of October in order to have enough time to prepare the action together. As for the date of departure we suggest Monday, the 29th of October. This way there will be enough time for aftercare and reflection of our action and to wrap things up together.

Preparation for the action on the camp

Action trainings
Mittwoch, 24.10. , 15.00 – 19:00 Deutsch
Donnerstag, 25. 10., 10:00 – 13:30, Deutsch oder Englisch
Donnerstag, 25. 10., 15.00-19: 00 Deutsch
reitag, 26. 10., 10:00 – 13:30 Deutsch UND Englisch
reitag, 26. 10., 15.00- 19: 00 Deutsch UND Englisch
Freitag, 26.10. 11:30 – 13:30 – öffentliches Aktionstraining für die Presse (vermutlich Deutsch)

Finding an affinity group
From Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon/evening

Legal advice:
From Thursday afternoon until Friday evening

Workshop for paramedics
Friday morning

Here you find all imortant informations about the action and your journey

We want to strengthen our movement and broadly distribute important skills. Therefore we organize trainings and knowledge sharing. Maybe there’s an activist climate group close to you and you can connect. And even if there isn’t a group already – why not start one right where you’re at? 🙂