Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!


During the period 25th – 29th October a camp will be with a 98% guaranty available. If you would like to help during the construction and deconstruction time, we will be happy to welcome you!

Please bring your tent, sleeping bag and mattress! If you can’t imagine to sleep in a tent, don’t worry! Feel free to use our “Accommodation platform @ Rhineland“!

For your travel pleasec onsider,that there will be very limited parking space for cars. If it is possible for you, consider to come by bus , with our special train or train and bicycle.

The exact location of the camp will be announced shortly before its set-up. Good to know for the time being: the nearest train / bus station will be Düren (destination for ticket booking).

If you come by bus or with our special train, you will for sure arrive in the right place! :-))

We will keep you up to date!