Kohle stoppen. Klima schützen.

Info Evening – Hambach Forest & Ende Gelände

2. Oktober 2018 um 20:00 Common Barrack in Droevendaal

Coal mining should come to an end in order to prevent further climate change! Nevertheless, the German government supports coal power stations and prolongs generation power from the biggest coal mine of Europe; Garweiler mine near Cologne. There are even plants to cut more forests in the Hambacher Forst. This needs to stop!

So what can you do?! We will inform you in less than an hour about the possibilties for you to join. Together we can make a difference! We will explain practicalities about the action plans and we will share some of our own experiences of last year.

> October 6th 2018, Saturday
There will be a big demonstration against deforestation in Hambacher Forst: /en/call-2018/

> October 25th - 29th 2018
To protect the forest and to put an end to coal mining, there will be five days of civil disobedience. By disrupting the operations of the Rhineland coal mining areas, we show our concerns about the extraction and combustions of coal. The urgency of climate change asks for transitions, coal mining needs to stop now! For more information: /en/action/

To register for buses to the Ende Gelände campsite: https://wijgaannaareg.nl/

Join this evening to get some information and ask all the question you have! We hope to see you there. Let's show our solidarity and concerns about all these coal emissions. Let's fight for our planet!