Kohle stoppen. Klima schützen.

Climate Justice Training (Umeå)

15. Juli 2017 um 10:00 in Umeå

Registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/c24UWzSHNlOeCWiI3

For everybody, experienced or not, who want to take action for justice and a safer climate and are interested in joining the front lines in the fight against climate change.

With trainers with different experiences, this day of training will focus on strategies, practical skills, action experiences, emotional sustainability and risks in the struggle for climate justice.

We focus especially on the upcoming actions at Fossilgasfällan's action in Göteborg, as well as Ende Gelände, the action against coal mining in Germany - the milestones stepping up the ambition to create a resilient, long-term, intersectional climate movement.

So - get a good night's rest, turn up on time, and see you there for a great day.

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/c24UWzSHNlOeCWiI3

The organisers:
About Climate Justice Program: We are a collective of trainers with the goal to empower people to articulate their own engagement and to step outside their comfort zone for climate justice.

About Ung Vänster. It is the socialist and feminist youth organization of the left party Vänsterpartiet. We work to organize and do activism in our eveyday life. Last a few years representatives joined the Ende Gelände action, but this year we arrange a bus trip from Stockholm were are all members are welcome to participate in the activism for climate justice.

About Ende Gelände Sweden: A coordinating network that supports the swedish climate justice movement to travel to and participate in the climate camp Ende Gelände in Germany August 23-29th.